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Evaluating online commerce platforms for your enterprise? I am sure that there are many choices. This article helps you with the salient points which can shed light on its suitability. Bigcommerce is a unique eCommerce solution that allows the user to create a fully functional online store and sell products and services online.

Vast majority of API allows easy integration of Bigcommerce with ERP systems and has very good ability to be customized. Since its first launch in 2009, it has emerged as a robust eCommerce platform sweeping big results for established and emerging pusinescos.

BigCommerce’s mission is to help merchants sell more at every stage of growth, from small startups, to mid-market businesses, to large enterprises. As a leading Open SaaS solution, BigCommerce empowers merchants to build, innovate and grow their businesses online. Simply put, we focus on being the best commerce platform so our customers can focus on what matters most: growing their businesses.

These are the core principles upon which BigCommerce was built, guiding what we do and how we do it. Each employee learns them, loves them and lives them. Our merchants benefit from them every time they use our product or get help from our Support team.

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